Hi, The pics from Dub Camp 2018 are online ! Tell me what you think !

I managed to upload it since there is some changes in my plans, I’m not anymore on the road to Spain, cause I decided to make a « little » detour on my trip. I leave France tomorow morning heading to Germany and my beloved Berlin to join my good friend Baptiste ( he’s also a photographer, and a talented one, follow the link : mercierbaptiste.com ) From there we will take the road through Poland, Lituania, and Letonnia, before going back to Berlin on time to take my flight to Barcelona and go to the Rototom Sunsplash Festival in Benicassim !

A lot of nice pics coming from this travel, I hope ! I’ll let you know !


Hello there,

From the 13th to the 22nd of July, I was at the Dub Camp Festival, near Nantes in France, one of the biggest event in Europe about the Dub music and the sound system culture.

As a volunteer, I helped to do a lot of things, building stages, which were in fact giant marquees, as it is an outdoor festival, bars, creating decorations of the different areas, putting up km of heras (perimeter protection), etc, etc, basically everything that has to be done in order to properly run the event.

As a photographer I was covering the volunteering itself. You must know, we were more than 700 volunteers during the 4 days of the Festival, but all the thing started with a little team of a few warriors ( For real, they deserve this name, big thanks to them) preparing the field in order to welcome the next ones coming, as the family grew up day after day.

It was an awesome experience, it is awesome every year actually, but it’s my second edition as a volunteer ( I attended 4 ) and the first one where I was free and asked to use my photography skills, so thanks to them for giving me the opportunity to do it. Really.

I’ll be there next year, without any doubt.

So yes, of course, pics are coming soon. I’m actually on the road, hitchhiking with my backpack, heading to Spain to attend to the Rototom Sunsplash Festival so it’s kind of tricky to access a computer and get the work done, but i swear, it won’t be long. Just so you know, I did not take any pictures of concert, artist etc, we were a few photographers and my job was to cover only the volunteering, even if I was totally free to do anything I wanted to I did chose to enjoy the music without the weight of my camera in the hands ( having to take care of it every second is boring seriously ) but I’m not giving up the idea for the next time !